Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

While your solar installation doesn’t need to include a solar battery storage solution, it can make a major difference. In fact, a solar battery can help you get even more value from your rooftop solar panels.

How Solar Batteries Work

A solar battery stores the excess rooftop solar power you produce. This can then be drawn on when your solar installation is not producing enough energy to power your home (e.g. at night). And, if your battery runs out of power, your system will automatically switch to drawing from the electricity grid.

This means you can keep more of the power your system generates and use it when you need it most. It also means you can always benefit from having rooftop solar panels, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Why Invest in Installing a Solar Battery Storage Solution?

A solar battery can provide a number of important benefits:

  • It reduces your power bills by even more: Combining your rooftop solar panels with a solar battery could reduce your electricity costs by up to 80% or more.
  • It delivers greater environmental benefits: A solar battery lets you produce more of your power from renewable sources, further reducing your carbon footprint.
  • It future proofs your property: Individual homes and businesses will most likely be able to trade rooftop solar power and solar batteries will be key to this process.

Choosing the Right Solar Battery

Stinson Air South West are experts in all things solar and can supply a wide range of solar batteries, including the Tesla Powerwall. Our friendly team can also help you pick the product that best suits your home, your requirements, and your budget.

Contact our South West team to discuss your options.