Residential Solar Installation

Residential Solar Installation

Rooftop Solar Panels for New and Established Homes

It is always important to have the experts step in when considering solar power for your established or new home build. We can help guide you when adding solar to your lifestyle, you will find our custom rooftop solar solutions on homes throughout the South West region.

Established Homes Solar Installation

Rooftop solar systems are not new to the South West region, in fact, they have been helping residents save money and lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle for many years. The benefits of solar power can help reduce pollution, increase the value of your home and best of all reduce the power bills you receive on your home each year. It is easy to see why solar is becoming so popular and why it will soon be an unavoidable feature for the modern home and ever-evolving sustainable lifestyle.

If you are considering solar for your established home, Stinson Air South West can help you make the right decision for your situation. We boast an impressive range of high-quality solar products and our network of manufacturers allow us unique access to competitive prices. You can find out more about how solar power works and some of the savings you can expect on our rooftop solar page.

New Homes Solar Installation

We work with the most awarded home building companies and their clients to ensure all the thinking and smart design is done upfront to reduce pain later. Every day we are having design stage conversations with builders drafting teams, designers and architects and their clients.

If you are building you may not be sure what residential rooftop solar or battery storage best suits your needs now let alone what the future may hold. We can help with this process and help you understand how a future proof system will work best for you and be ready if expansion is needed in the future. A few future requirement examples may be; for that pool and the extra energy use that would consume, electric vehicles, battery storage, and if having battery storage now or in the future how a blackout circuit with essential services should be wired by your builder’s electrician during your build. There is a lot to think about and we are here to help you navigate the journey.

Why consider solar before you build?

1. Design efficiency.
By working with roof designs we can minimise compromise on unit size and maximise system design efficiency. For example, we can have the best roof locations clear of roof cowls, antennas, plumbing vents and so on. The roof design can possibly be altered to maximise a best-fit design solution for your needs.

2. Minimise componentry compromise.
With proper pre-construction consideration, we can have inverters and batteries or future batteries and EV charging stations in the locations that YOU want, not what is left available after the event. Conduits can be pre-installed and you won’t have to compromise later. For example – it can be frustrating if you have to put components in your garage in an area that was pre-planned for a workbench or bike rack.

3. Minimise the maintenance of your home.
With installing after the event, you often have to run external conduits on the exterior and interior walls or install components in high weather areas. These involve more fixings and fittings that can corrode or get damaged. This leads to another future maintenance concern and will reduce fixing or component expected lifetimes.

4. Improved aesthetics.
By proper planning in the design and construction stage, we can often improve your homes street appeal. By being able to choose roof locations and adjust roof components or minimise unsightly interior and exterior conduits we can improve the look of your home.

5. Utilise on-site safety equipment for safer and often more cost-effective install.
By installing solar during the build process, often the scaffold, hoists and equipment can be utilised for a safer install. This will often lead to cost savings if the home would require scaffold, crane hire, scissor lifts or elevated platforms if done post-construction. Win, win!

Find the Right Solar System for Your Home

Check out our Solar FAQs when researching solar power, here are some useful links and resources to help guide your decision.

Every home and homeowner’s lifestyle and energy patterns are different, even if you are building a spec home it can still need special requirements for orientation, council requirements, shade factors and so much more.

What should I do next?

We recommend you talk to our team, who can work with your team and present you with a complimentary proposal using the latest in satellite imagery and design technology software. We will then propose a range of options that are best going to suit your location, home design, lifestyle and energy needs.

Contact us today to see how the team at Stinson Air South West can help.