Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Solar for Your Business Is a Win – Win

Commercial solar for South West business owners is something that gets us very excited as there is just so much potential for win/win / win outcomes.

When Stinson Air & Solar South West installs every commercial solar install that we do it is a win for the environment, a win for our team and a big win for our client’s future bank balance. We realise that so many business owners still don’t quite understand the many financial benefits of commercial rooftop solar whether they are renting or own their premises – if they did, businesses everywhere would have a lot more solar panels sitting on their rooftops!

Solar Installations With South Wests Best Builders

Every day we are having design stage conversations with builders drafting teams, designers and architects and their clients. Over 80% of the commercial solar we install is to new builds, this is what we do, and because we focus on this area like no one else in our industry we honestly believe that we do it better than the rest.

A row of solar panels on a house roof. Vertical image

Commercial solar is a great thing to do for our planet and shows that YOUR company is Socially Responsible
Let’s think about all the environmental benefits of installing commercial rooftop solar to your business. We should all want to do “our bit to help save the planet” and commercial-scale solar is “doing” more than most. Your business can feel good and also meet clients desires with more and more customers being aware of companies that are actively cutting down on their emissions and carbon footprint. With solar panels on your rooftop, you are able to demonstrate to everyone that your commitment to sustainable energy is genuine.

Why Is Solar Such a Good Investment for Your Business?

Firstly we better clarify that solar is not the right solution for some businesses… but not many, and at Stinson Air & Solar South West we like to sleep at night, so if it doesn’t add up, you will be the first to know.

Now let’s think about all those 9am – 5pm or 7am – 4pm type businesses out there, they can often use up to 95% of their power during daylight hours when the WA sun (one of the nations best locations to install solar – due to our high average daylight hours) is so often shining.

So many business owners already have solar on their own home and often use a greater percentage of night time power at their home compared to their business, so why do more not have it on their business? We are not sure, though most clients just say, “I have been planning on doing it for a while now” or “I looked at it a few years ago and the return wasn’t that great”… best you look again, the technology has come a long way since then and the returns now are great!

Many commercial rooftop solar systems in greater WA will pay themselves off in less than 2 years and even a more complex install should be paid for in 3 years, our own Perth Stinson Air & Solar office, showroom and warehouse solar installation versus full retail value will be paid off in under 22 months, then big savings are to be had forevermore! So even for business in a 5-year lease, you would still be well in front – and that is without asking for any contribution from your landlord and gifting it to them when you leave!

The cream on top… your business may be eligible for a 100% tax write off of your new commercial rooftop solar or solar and battery storage system and installation.

Finance your Commercial Rooftop Solar

With high solar production, fantastic rebates and Perth all adds up to make most Perth business owners pleasantly surprised with the numbers the review after a complementary review is completed. If the cost is to be financed the whole investment in most cases can be cash-flow positive from day one – being your savings on your electricity bill will be greater than your repayment costs, for the few years of finance and then once paid off the big wins start.

Long life of savings – a quality system can easily be expected to perform for over 25 years, adding up to many years of savings to your bottom line and hopefully an extended lifetime for our planet.