New Homes Air conditioning Solutions

Roof Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Specialists for New Homes

Installing the latest air conditioning technology in new homes is our number one specialty and many of Perth and Western Australia leading building companies entrust us with 100% of their air conditioning installations.

We work with you to design a customised system in or out of your building contract. Our process  begins with a complimentary design consultation, so we can learn about you and your family’s needs and recommend the best possible options from our product range.

Early Starts Make for Happy Endings

Air Conditioning Design and Sales Consultation

Ideally we love to talk to you before you begin building. This means we can work in sync with architects and builders to make sure any air conditioning installation requirements are integrated into the construction planning.

Our extraordinary quality control ensures your air conditioning system is checked at every stage of its installation and rigorously tested before handover using our 28 Point Quality Control Checklist.

Visit us at one of our two high tech show rooms or email us your plans and we can start the design conversation today.

We will demonstrate your system at handover and explain how to operate and maintain it for peak performance.

Builders We Love to Talk to You Too

We are specialists in every aspect of domestic and commercial air conditioning  and rooftop solar with long term relationships with many of Perth and the South West’s most respected and awarded building companies. Whether you build two homes a year or hundreds, our buying power, scheduling and installation nous will deliver your projects on time, on budget and customised to fit your clients’ needs.

If this sounds like your style of doing business, our team would love to meet you to demonstrate our design and installation prowess and wow you with our savvy customer service.

Dale Alcock - Managing Director

Alcock Brown-Neaves Group