MyAir by Advantage Air

Smart Air Conditioning System

_0028_Tablet_MyAir_mode_frontMyAir by Advantage Air is the first modification every home owner should make to their ducted air conditioning system. There are three key grounds for our recommendation:

The MyAir controller allows you to modify the airflow for up to 10 zones in your home in 5% increments. This provides flexibility to adjust room temperatures according to exposure to direct sun or afternoon shade. This has the added benefit of reducing energy consumption drastically if used sparingly.

Energy Efficiency
The MyAir controller will eventually pay for itself by increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Comfort control avoids over-conditioning of rooms, allowing your system to cycle off or ‘rest’ more frequently.

MyAir may be controlled with your smartphone, tablet, or voice commands via Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The main features of MyAir includes: MyAir app available on Apple and Android, controlling 10 zones, airflow management system, touchscreen control and more. Find out more about MyAir features and customisations.

MyAir App

If getting off the couch to adjust the air conditioning is too much effort, then don’t bother! MyAir comes with its own app on Android and Apple that effectively turns every smartphone or tablet in your house into a wireless remote control, so you can relax.

Control Temprature Over 10 Zones

MyAir looks out for your comfort and electricity bill, by dividing your home into 10 zones. This allows you to heat or cool the rooms you are using only!

Motion Sensors Reduce Energy Usage

To help you save energy, MyAir provides the option of motion sensors. When they signal a room has been empty for 10 minutes, the system automatically reduces the temperature by 1 degree. If the room is still empty after 20 minutes, the temperature is adjusted by 2 degrees. Small changes are enough to reduce the room’s energy usage by a 20%. It will also quickly and automatically return to your set temperature as soon as you reenter the room.

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