Samsung Split System Air Conditioners

Samsung Split System Air Conditioners

Samsung split system air conditioners come in a range of shapes and sizes. Whether you need a single unit to keep one room at the ideal temperature, or are after a whole-house or workplace solution, Samsung can help.

And, thanks to their Free Joint Multi Air Conditioning System, you can run up to five indoor units off one outdoor unit. This will save you space and minimise the impact on your home’s exterior.

Samsung Split System Features

Even better, Samsung split systems come with a range of other premium features, like:

  • Good Sleep Mode: This subtly manipulates the temperature of the room to encourage optimal sleep. It starts by dropping the temperature slowly to help you fall asleep, then raises it slightly to relax you, and finishes by raising the temperature to help wake you up.
  • Turbo Mode: This boosts the heating or cooling power to get the room to the desired temperature quicker.
  • Smart Mode: This lowers the intensity of the converter to help save energy.
  • Quiet Mode: This minimises the noise produced by the fan, making the whole system extra quiet.
  • High Density Filtration: This helps reduce the dust and other airborne allergens being circulated around your home.

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Samsung Ducted and Split System Air Conditioning