Air Conditioning Quality Control

The Best Quality Control System – You’ll Never See

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When you flick the switch on your Stinson Air South West installed air conditioning, solar or refrigeration system, you’ll activate a flawless system that performs perfectly.

‘Close enough’ is never as good enough for Stinson Air South West.

An Example of How We Quality Control – The Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning 28 Point Check

Once your air conditioning installation is complete, we make sure all the boxes are ticked

Here’s a look at a few of the key things we verify using our Air Conditioning Quality Control System.

Stinson Air South West Ducting


  • All ductwork is cut to length and suspended running downhill to diffusers.
  • Ducts never sag over hangers or beams
  • Return air ducts are the required length to minimise airflow noise


  • Drains are fixed and flowing downhill to prevent water leaks in your roof spaces


  • Condenser locations ensure adequate air flow
  • Diffusers, pipe covers and controllers are level and at the appropriate height
  • Insulation is replaced
  • Anti-vibration mounts are fitted and much more


  • No finger marks on diffusers or controllers
  • All rubbish cleared away
  • Zero electrical wiring off cuts left around condensers

Improving Everyone’s Performance

Our Quality Control Systems provides a foundation for two-way feedback with our installers. We use it to work together to improve everyone’s performance.

This is why we are unbeatable in the Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and South West surrounds, as our quality processes will give you total confidence in the reliability and high performance of your air conditioning, refrigeration or rooftop solar system.